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Footy School

Footy Schools offers franchise opportunities for individuals interested in starting their own football business.

Our franchise package provides outstanding support for business minded people with a keen interest in sport. 

Whether you're involved in all the sessions directly or have a great team lined up to run and grow your business with yourself overseeing-we'll help you to establish and grow your business.

With our proven track record in the industry, you can trust us to provide all the tools you need to succeed.

For more detailed information contact us.

Join Our Winning Team: Footy School Franchise

Football ground

What We Do

We have a learning pathway that makes good-so much better. We'll ensure your confidence is sky high and you're levelling up to tackle everything coming your way-in delivering your fantastic Footy School business.

Skill Development


We have a number of coaching tools to support you and have a keen focus on the Football Association's development model while demonstrating our own ethos.

We will support your business with ensuring high standards of coaching are in alignment with your football business.

Football Guidance


We connect you with a vast array of learning and support tools to ensure a variety of ideas can be implemented for your longer term success.

Educational Support


We support you directly with what you need-you'll also have a structured schedule with a specialist learning and development company to provide you with further mentoring, guidance and support-all you need to grow your business and achieve success.

Mentorship and Guidance


We provide you with high quality uniforms, gear, and equipment.

Xcel Athletic merchandise creates a sense of belonging and pride among participants. They'll love the gear and so will you!

Xcel Athletic Club Shop


We're involved with local communities and connect with various assocaitions for your enjoyment, support and development.

Community Involvement


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