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Kids Playing Football

Elevating your child's football skills to the next level

What is Footy School?


Footy School is an inclusive, fun football programme for boys and girls, 2-10 years old. Whether your child has played football regularly or never kicked a ball before-our pre school and primary school age sessions will grab your attention.

Fun, Safe and Positive Environment.


Our fantastic DBS (background checked) coaches will develop player's individual skills/abilities while continually building their confidence, knowledge and understanding, including what teamwork means and how important it is. Having loads of fun along the way!

Kid playing football

FootySchool has exciting sessions with a keen focus on the Football Association's development model.

All our fun sessions cover Technical, Tactical, Social and Psychological development.

Our Footy School mascot, Fergie Sharkey-we call him Sharkey for short-is always hungry for the ball!

Take a look at Sharkey's sessions below and get booked into our fun, bite sized classes!

Our Focus Areas


Reef Shark FootySchool Sessions Guided Ages 2-3

Parents/guardians get a little involved with our fun reef shark sessions. We work together to deliver super fun sessions for this lively age group!

Reef Sharks


Shark Shield

Bull Shark FootySchool Sessions Guided Ages 4-5

All abilities are welcome at FOOTYSCHOOL and when your child joins our bull shark sessions (age 4-5) we introduce lots of FUNdamental football learning through fun games and activities!

Bull Sharks


Shark Shield
Kid playing football

Tiger Shark FootySchool Sessions Guided Ages 6-7

Our focus is fun learning where everyone improves their game and enjoys football. When your child joins up with our tiger sharks they'll be improving all elements of their game with fun drills, small sided games and mini matches. We'll also explore, support and identify next steps in their football journey.

Tiger Sharks


Shark Shield
Kid playing football

Megalodon FootySchool Sessions Guided Ages 8-10

Playing for a team already? That's fine. Get some fun extra training in with Footy School! Need a team? We can keep you updated with our grass root club links!

Our Megalodon sessions can support players of mixed abilities through fun and challenging sessions-whether playing in teams or just wanting to train, this is the session you'll want to get your teeth into!



Shark Shield
Shark Shield
Shark Shield

What We Provide 

Each session at Footy School is 50-55 minutes (depending on age) and always has a focus on dribbling, passing and shooting-including teamwork and match scenarios.

Training Session Overview


Sessions include; fun skills arrival sessions, which develop into fun match scenario sessions, which develop into fun 1 v 1's, 2 v 2's, 3 v 3's etc depending on age group inc. mini match 5 v 5.

Sessions Include


You'll set up for the month ahead and pay-but if you don't like the first session, and don't wish to continue, we'll refund you in full.

Money Back Guarantee


You pay monthly-at the beginning of the month-for the month ahead.
Rather like a gym membership, you pay the same every month until you're no longer with us-
regardless of how many sessions you’re able to attend.

Clear Pricing


All our Footy School players will be provided with our fantastic kit after enrolment. Once we know you've loved the first session we'll arrange for our kit-provided by Xcel Athletic-to be delivered to you after payment. See Footy Kit for further details.

Footy Kit



Kid heading ball

What a great football school. 

My son had tried a couple of others and just did not like them. He feels welcome and has gained so much confidence at footy school.




Kid playing football

My grandson has been with Footy School for years and loves it. Great fun.



Kids playing football

I have to say I'm really impressed by the skilled way all of you help and encourage him - that specific praise you give is very motivating.



Kid training for football

Enthusiastic, supportive coaches who help develop the players irrespective of their ability. A very welcoming and inclusive school



Great coaching team, very welcoming. Made the session fun but the kids were learning a lot at the same time. Fair play getting all those kids to listen, it's hard enough getting 1 child to listen at home 😆

Would definitely recommend this footy school. Brings out confidence.



 We are unable to accommodate reservations for Footy School classes on the day due to the completion of forms and availability.

We encourage you to contact us in advance.

Just like a gym membership, our monthly fee stays the same no matter how many sessions you attend. Drop us a message for more info.

Lovely team, really supportive to children, especially when they have additional needs, my son loves attending.



Superb setup, with a wonderful inclusive attitude.



Footy School is the best dealing with my son supporting and developing .
They're passionate about teaching the kids and a valuable part of the community.



This is a brilliant place to bring your kids to play football. It's a fun and safe environment and the coaching is very good . I highly recommend this for all ages!



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