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What they're saying...

***** is really enjoying the sessions. I have to say I'm really impressed by the skilled way all three of you help and encourage him - that specific praise you give is very motivating for him. And as a teacher myself, I'm really struck by the way you guys manage and get the most out of the sessions - very impressive!

Martin, July 2019

What a great football school/club.

My son had tried a couple of others and just did not like them. He feels welcome and has gained confidence at footy school. ***** has progressed massively. I didn't think football was gonna be for my son based on passed experience with other clubs.... However..... I was wrong!!!

I would recommend footy school to all abilities. Chris the manager doesn't complicate the skills and games, he keeps it fun but with the same high end results.

A very pleased mother, an extremely happy son and an ecstatic father.

Thanks footy school & stopsley sharks fc x

Charlene, Feb 2018

Enthusiastic, supportive coaches who help develop the players irrespective of their ability. A welcoming and inclusive football club.

Dean, May 2019

My son has been with Footy School/Sharks for 3 years now and loves learning the game and the time with his team mates...

J, June 2019

My son has only been to a few training sessions but absolutely loves it! So well organised and fun too! Highly recommend!

Laura, July 2019

Brilliant football club, friendly, fun, and fully inclusive of all ages and levels. Great coaching and support.

Helen, May 2019

My grandson has been with the Sharks/Footy School since the beginning and loves it. Great fun club!

Pete, June 2019

I am the Director of a Learning & Development Organisation and was fortunate enough to be invited by Chris to observe one of his sessions.

It's really clear that all were engaged, developing new skills and above all having fun on the pitch-which was clearly in abundance!

These kids not only learnt football skills but so much more. 

Footy School & Stopsley Sharks F.C. builds confidence, helps team working skills, builds discipline and respect for others. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend such a vital learning experience for children in the Luton and surrounding areas.

Mike Farmer

Director of People Development


July 2019

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